GALACRUISES EXPEDITIONS Cia. Ltda. is a Tour Operator & DMC, active and strengthened by a great heritage of ideas and knowledge about receptive tourism. Its extensive experience of 21 years in the operation and organization of trips has generated a lot of touristic possibilities, to satisfy the dreams of the most intrepid and demanding travelers. Our mission is to fulfill our client’s absolute satisfaction with efficiency and effectiveness in trips around Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, creating great confidence in the operation and organization in our tourist products, fitting perfectly to the respect of the environment, the culture and the social part of the country in which we carry out our activity.



Our vision is to be recognized as a leading company in finding solutions and strategies in the development and operation of unique and specialized packages, for demanding customers, who seek quality, innovation and safety. We are creative and have a great human talent which allow us to work with professionalism and versatility, since the passenger arrives in the country until the trip has been concluded with us.



Galacruises Expeditions Cia. Ltda. is a tour operator and travel agency with 21 years of experience in the Galapagos Islands and in Ecuador, expert in the management, operation and marketing of this unique and mega-diverse destination.

  • It designs experiences aimed at discovering the biodiversity of our country and culture, under the principles of corporate social responsibility.
  • It is committed to continuously improve the quality of its services and products to meet and exceed the expectations of our potential customers through process management.
  • Preserves the sustainable supply chain of the processes to have a positive impact on the society and the environment.
  • It strives to comply lawfully with the Ecuadorian laws and regulations, respecting diversity and promoting the reduction of social inequalities.
  • Encourages the implementation of actions worthy of occupational safety and health to prevent occupational hazards and protect its human capital.
  • Promote the protection of human rights of all the participants in the marketing chain.
  • It is committed to the sustainability and care for the environment, trying to minimize the impact of pollution on its services and products, implementing the recycling of materials.
  • We respect strategic agreements to support the commercialization, marketing and diffusion of the Bombolí Cloud Forest, preserving environmental and cultural resources for our visitors and future generations.
  • It promotes the prevention in all forms of child and youth exploitation, including sexual abuse, child labor, and child trafficking in the tourism sector, both within the company and with our suppliers and customers.
  • Maintains a rejection attitude towards: sexual tourism, sexual relations in exchange for money, use of children and adolescents in pornography or for commercial sexual exploitation, as well as drugs and/or narcotics trafficking.


Galacruises Expeditions Cia. Ltda., since 2015 has been more interested in becoming a company committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility, through sustainable tourism development and sustainable resources that our planet offers us.

Galacruises Expeditions Cia. Ltda., is committed to the protect the human rights, respecting what is ordered in the Ecuadorian law. Commitment which is reflected in the effective and correct working conditions that it provides to its collaborators for the adequate and suitable performance of their work.

Galacruises Expeditions Cia. Ltda., for the preservation of the environment contributes with concrete actions such us the recycling of materials, the good use of electricity and water, the diffusion and commercialization of the Bombolí Cloud Forest.

Galacruises Expeditions Cia. Ltda., promotes the preservation of the cultural heritage inherited from our ancestors, knowing that these tangible and intangible goods must be maintained and passed on to present generations.

Galacruises Expeditions Cia. Ltda., in its desire to be more inclusive with the most vulnerable population, supports actions aimed at developing community and accessible tourism, and thus improve the quality of life of this population in its different areas.




It is sexual exploitation of girls, boys and adolescents (ESNNA for its Spanish initials), which constitutes a problem that seriously affects the fundamental rights of children, adolescents and the most vulnerable.

Given that children(1) and adolescents also participate in tourism activities and are the most likely to be abused(2) , Galacruises adheres to the Convention on the rights of the child as a document which establishes an important set of standards in pursuit of children´s rights.

Therefore, Galacruises has adopted a policy that seeks to guarantee the protection of children and vulnerable people(3) . In this regard, the company is committed to protecting these people (whether or not they have disability) against sexual exploitation and sexual, emotional and physical abuse. Galacruises strives to keep a safe environment for children and vulnerable people within the scope of its activities. In addition, people linked to the company have been asked to adopt similar policies.

As part of this policy and in order to defend and promote the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct, Galacruises has drawn up this “Code of Conduct”. The present document has the purpose to protect all signatories against false accusations of inappropriate behavior towards children or abuse.

All personnel hired by Galacruises must sign the “Code of conduct”. The companies and partner organizations that provide their services to Galacruises through their employees must make known, in an appropriate manner, the principles contained in this document. By signing the code of conduct, the signatory is actively engaged to participate in the construction and preservation of a safe environment for children and vulnerable people.

All members of Galacruises will be obliged to facilitate and encourage the dissemination of this “Code of conduct”. Staff is also encouraged to foment suppliers to adhere to and uphold these standards.

According to WHO, "child abuse or maltreatment includes all forms of physical or emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect or negligent treatment and commercial or other exploitation that harms or is likely to harm a child's health, survival, development or dignity in the context of a relationship of responsibility, trust or power".



(1) As established in the UN Convention on the Children Rights, “a child is understood to be any human being under the age of eighteen years old, unless, by law´s virtue that is applicable to him/her, he/she has reached the age of majority before”.

(2) According to WHO, “child abuse or maltreatment includes all forms of physical or emotional mistreat, sexual abuse, neglect or negligent treatment and commercial or other exploitation that harms or may cause damage to the child´s health, survival development or dignity in the context of a relationship of responsibility, trust or power”.

(3) A vulnerable person is understood to be any adult who lives with a disability and needs assistance to satisfy their basic needs in regard to personal care or the administration of their assets.