Dear Collegues

“The best of travel is always the next" (Javier Reverte)

Galacruises Expeditions is a DMC & Tour Operator with a strong presence in the Galapagos Islands, experts in the management, operation and commercialization of this unique and megadiverse destination, we welcome you and we let the world know our country full of magic.

We design luxury experiences for demanding guests, with the desire to discover the biodiversity of the place and immerse themselves in the local culture.

The Galacruises fleet in the Galapagos Islands offers naturalistic and diving cruises, as well as a wide range of luxury, comfort and standard boats. Our ships are charming with a warm, adventurous, classic, romantic, comfortable and capricious design. We offer personalized service, open areas, comfortable cabins and delicious national and international cuisine, combined with excursions of sea and land to the inhospitable destinations of the archipelago.

We also operate packages and ground services in all regions of Ecuador: the Galapagos Island, Pacific Coast, Andes and Amazon. Our experiences allow us to elaborate themed tours, for example: overflight in your own private helicopter Sky Andean cruise, route of flowers; route of the centennial haciendas; cocoa route; route of the volcanoes; gastronomic routes; life experience indigenous community’s tours and a visit to the paradise of orchids in our 200-hectare "Bombolí" Forest, located on an Andean mountainside, just 30 minutes south-west of Quito.

Pleasure, comfort, adventure, wisdom and relaxation are important ingredients that offer our itineraries, seeking the complete satisfaction of our guests, respecting the care of the environment and the local communities.

Warmest Regards.